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Our community health service is located in the Bethel Community Transformational Center in Detroit's North End. God's Path offers a full range of medical services as well as mental health coaching.

Please call us for more information! 

Telehealth Services

For those who are not able to come into our clinics or would prefer a non-contact option, we offer telehealth services online by appointment only. These services require access to a computer and an internet/service connection. 

Click Here to book an appointment  or call us for more information! 

Health Education Classes 

We offer in-person community health classes.  Each session will cover a different topic that relates to the health and safety of our community members. For more information about our classes, please go to our events page or call us! Dates and times for 2024 to be announced! 

Spiritual Enrichment

God's Path is a faith-based organization and some of our staff are members of the Church of Christ. We believe that spiritual, mental, and physical health are all important factors in a holistic approach to medicine. Please contact us for more information! 

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